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The People’s Production Lab

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Preston’s innovative cultural production studio They Eat Culture has a new project on the cards, bringing an exciting boost to the creative, digital, and arts sector bang in the middle of City Centre Preston.

The People’s Production Lab redefines working together, bringing the creative community to the city. We’ll host weekenders & invite city revellers into our home, convert our courtyard into a market, serving up food, drink and creative talent… showing the city how we do things. We’ll roast coffee, host workshops, live shows & set up our own cinema space. In the building there’ll be 3d printers, woodworking, fabrication space, sound, AV & mixed reality kit, printing press, Preston’s Hackspace, selling space, & hotdesks. We’ll test new ideas, form new collectives, invent new products, push the boundaries of new technologies. We’ll have creative & social business development support in place to help all our residents and contributors bring their vision into reality. But we need to start somewhere…

We want you to join us as a resident. Do you have creative, fabrication, technical, production activity at the centre of your work? Coders & curators to carpenters, directors, designers & dreamers, performers, printers, producers, writers & welders – we need you. You need hotdesk, meeting, performance & production practice space, access to facilities? Talk to us.

We’re also on the look out for people who want to work with us, to host workshops, programme, performance, music, events. We work with private commercial businesses, public sector, charities, arts, communities, culture. We need people who want to make change happen in Preston, through volunteering, sponsorship, and creativity. Come on the journey.

Our 100 Days Building PPL programme starts on 12th April, and we want you to be involved. We’ve created a plan to get you involved in affordable, achievable way, together developing the vision, infrastructure, and programme for the space. Get in touch with us at, look online at, find us across social media. You’ll be a part of the vision, you’ll help shape the space and develop our creative community. This is your chance to lay the foundations & build your creative future from the ground up.

Lancashire Encounter 2016

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Some great stuff on at the festival this year – here are 2 dance pieces that I caught. Most unlike me!

Cultural Framework Funding Proposed Budget

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Your thoughts are welcomed on the proposed Budget for Preston’s Cultural Framework Grant Scheme: E-Mail them to . Please submit by 29th February 2016

PCP Exec 01


Lancashire Encounter 2015

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PCP were at the recent Lancashire Encounters festival in town. There was a great crowd and we managed to talk to lots of interesting people – practitioners, fellow stall holders, performers on the day, the burger bloke etc etc

The ICP canopies were looking great and everyone seemed to be having a jolly nice time. Below are some photos from the landscape that we were populating of people & venues involved in the independent creative sector. We plan to build on this overtime and it will help develop our database of people we can support, communicate with and inform of opportunities. This will also form the basis of a bi monthly map/whats on we are trying to develop.

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2016 vision

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FPT-transparent-background-620x201We’ve recently had TEC’s ‘future preston tour’ in the city, an exciting programme of interactive, pop up Sci-Fi. But what of ‘future Preston’, what might pop up in 2016. Here at PCP we predict that 2016 will be the year that the ‘creatometer of status’ will finally nudge towards our City. There seems to be a tangible degree of hope and confidence amongst practitioners, based on some exciting new people coming along and more established people getting together to talk more.

There’s opportunities around for creative input, like the new management company at the Guild Hall, new plans for the bus station etc. We figure it all had to premierinnprestoncome into alignment at some point – why not 2016. I reckon I’m gonna create an installation for that awful emptiness under the Premier Inn, at one of our most important gateways to the City (fill it will water and have plastic ducks stuck upside down on the ceiling). What are your predictions?


Lancashire Arts Exchange

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Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 17.27.00At the recent Lancashire Arts Exchange event, members of PCP showed up in a show of strength to promote what is going on in Preston (and has been for a long, long time). We were able to show a short film that displayed the diverse nature of creative work that happens in our City, later described by the event coordinator as “a gritty, underground, contemporary scene”.

There were also opportunities for our members to break out into smaller discussion groups to debate topics like funding, touring, marketing etc. This gave us an opportunity see where Preston creative provision fits within the future Lancashire & Northwest landscape.

PCP will be advertising other such events here on the site and we would welcome others to contact us if they fancy coming to the next one with us. One outcome from the event is that Neil Harris from the Arts Council will be coming to our next executive meeting in the new year. If you have any questions you would like us to put to Neil, please drop us a note.

What Next?

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What Next? describes itself as a movement bringing together arts and cultural organisations from across the UK, to articulate and strengthen the role of culture in our society. It is not just another campaign for more funding, but sees itself as a catalyst for fresh thinking and new ideas about the value of the arts in times of austerity.

An example of one of its real worries is that the current changes in education could affect the way the next generation values the arts in an even more severe way. It is this, as much as the economic affects, that What Next? feels an urgency to challenge.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 17.48.15There will be a national What Next meeting taking place on January 14th 2015, which is aiming to have all chapters participating in events on the same day across the country – i’ve been in discussions with the Northwest group and we’ve decided to jointly develop an event for that for everyone across the Northwest, so please save the date and i’ll be back in touch with details of what, where, when and how to get involved.

Jenny Rutter.

Quote of the Month

“To live a creative life, we must loose our fear of being wrong” Joseph Chilham Pearce

Minutes from Exec

Below is our archive of previous meeting minutes. Just click to open them in a new page.


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